Two Man Team Tactics

Learn to safely move and shoot with another shooter. Weapon control and safe procedures will be covered extensively in both open terrain, vehicle and shoot house. The crawl, walk, and run teaching technique will be applied.

Required Equipment

Rifle with sling and 4 magazines

Pistol with 3 mags and mag carriers

Body armor

Gloves / Knee pads are optional

400 rounds of rifle ammo

250 rounds of pistol ammo

Class Requirements

This is not a beginner class. Must have attended a reputable pistol and rifle class. If you have questions about eligibility please call 214-629-4142, or email

LTC or Background check maybe required due to the sensitive nature of the class.

Class time 9:00 - 5:00 Both Days

2 day cost is 400.00. LE/Mil price is 350.00

Class size is limited.

LE / Military Discount