Third Dimension

The third dimension of training incorporates all of the learned skills in the first and second dimension while pressing them into actual usage. Force on force Simunition training substantially increases the learning curve of students by placing them into reality based scenarios that have immediate consequences. CTG utilizes the most common weapon platforms in rifle, pistol and shotgun while converting them to fire the non-lethal Simunition FX marking cartridges. The student is able to see in real time the benefits of training, while being exposed to the physiological aspects of being in an armed confrontation. Phobic response, auditory exclusion and tunnel vision are redundantly experienced and addressed to lesson or negate that response during an actual confrontation. The overall goal of the third dimension of training is self actualization and incorporation of a skill set that is rarely, if ever, discovered in traditional firearm training. The third dimension of training can be tailored to specific scenarios, job assignments, locations or threats. This training may be conducted at any location where Simunition safety guidelines may be met.

8 hours $225.00