Tactical Handgun Deployment

This handgun course is designed to incorporate greater accuracy, speed, and tactics into a student’s ability. Utilizing cover, weapon retention, nontraditional firing positions and round accountability are but a few topics that will be covered in this course. This training will enhance threat response while optimizing reaction to suspects and combatants. This course will build upon a solid base of handgun craftsmanship that is integral for survival or succeeding during a life threatening situation, hunt, competition or training. During this one day block of instruction (8 hours) each student will shoot approximately 300 rounds of pistol ammunition.

8 hours $225.00

Required gear:

  • Pistol of reputable make and caliber, holster and at least three magazines.
  • 300 rounds of quality ammunition.
  • Gear used during normal carry or current assignment.
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • Clothes suitable for a professional learning environment.
  • (No cross draw or shoulder holsters allowed)