Tactical Handgun / Carbine Deployment

Students will learn effective application of handguns with a heavy emphasis on accuracy, speed and round accountability. Handguns will be deployed extensively in, around and through vehicles, glass and other environmental barriers/cover to show effectiveness/ineffectiveness.

Rifle instruction will be taught in same manner and at distances up to 200 yards and elevation of 40 feet. Weapon transitions, and reasons for them, from handgun to carbine and vice versa will be covered extensively.

Required Equipment

200 rounds of handgun

Handgun, holster, 3 magazines, magazine holder

200 rounds of rifle

Carbine make/model rifle with a sling

At least 2 rifle magazines

No cross draw or shoulder holsters.

Class requirements

Not a beginner class. Must have prior knowledge with both carbine and handgun relating to function and saftey.

Cost 225.00