This one day (8 hours) course exposes the positive aspects of using a shotgun for jog deployment, personal and home defense. Course of instruction will cover safe handling and storage, ammunition selection, effective range, loading/reloading and firing positions. The students will learn nontraditional shooting techniques for utilizing a shotgun from an offensive and defensive position. Emphasis on round accountability, utilizing cover, moving and shooting and malfunction clearance will be covered. The student will learn methods for utilizing the shotgun effectively while shooting reactive targets in a dynamic environment. 200 rounds of bird shot, 15 rounds of buckshot and 10 slug rounds will be required for this course.

8 hours $225.00

Required gear:

  • Shotgun of reputable make with a sling, 12 or 20 gauge.
  • All gear used during normal carry or assigned operation.
  • 100 rounds bird shot (#6,7 or 8).
  • 25 rounds of buckshot
  • 10 slugs
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • Clothes suitable for a professional learning environment.