Rifle Deployment

This course is designed to assist a student in obtaining a high level of proficiency and skill. The carbine rifle course emphasizes knowledge, marksmanship and effectiveness. This training is designed for any person employing a carbine rifle during a specific job assignment, competition or hunting endeavor. The course focuses on a high standard of round accountability, target discretion and shot placement while dealing with malfunctions and weapon applicability. This will be done while learning cover and concealment, methods of carry, and weapon transitions. This course covers legal aspects relating to when you may or may not shoot in self defense situations, firearm safety, along with fundamentals of a carbine rifle. During this one day (8 hour) course each student will shoot approximately 300 rounds of rifle ammunition and 100 rounds of pistol ammunition.

8 hours $225.00

Required gear:

  • Carbine rifle with sling.
  • 300 rounds of rifle ammunition.
  • 3 or more rifle magazines.
  • All gear used during normal carry or assigned operation.
  • Pistol, holster and 3 magazines
  • 100 rounds of pistol ammunition.
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • Clothes suitable for a professional learning environment.