Rapid Response Carbine/Pistol

Develop speed and accuracy with both weapon systems. Covers reloads, transitions, multiple targets, weapon placement in vehicle, team/individual movement shooting, and threat recognition. High Speed Low Drag. NOT A BEGINNER COURSE. Expect to be pushed both mentally and physically. Must have taken a rifle and pistol course from a reputable instructor.

Limited to 8 shooters

Course Requirements

Rifle - .223/5.56 or larger

Quality Sling

Pistol - 9mm or larger

3 Magazines for Each Weapon

Quality Belt and Magazine Holsters

Eye Protection

Ear Protection


500 rounds Rifle

300 rounds Pistol

Recommended equipment / Personal Preference


Knee/Elbow Pads

Body Armor

Class in Weatherford TX, starts at 9:00 goes to 5:00