Armed Confrontation Survival ( Course

The Armed Confrontation Survival Course focuses on quality, practical training that has real world and situational transference. This course focuses on developing a survival mindset and aggressive weapon handling techniques, while sharpening concepts of threat visualization and reflexive reaction skills. This one or two day class (8 or 16 hours) is applicable for Military, Law Enforcement, Contract Security and Responsible Gun Owners. Topics have immediate relevance to the day-to-day functional activities pressed upon us, and lead directly to the development of specific action steps for immediate life implementation. Day 1 covers both handgun and rifle or shotgun skill developmentation. Day 2 covers force on force training utilizing converted rifles, pistols and shotguns with Simunition FX ammunition. All personal protective equipment, weapons and ammunition required for day 2 will be provided by CTG. Every dimension of the above listed training techniques will be covered during this course (2 day). A low light or no light version of this course is also available.

One day $225.00, Two days (live fire and Simunition) $400.00

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Specific topics discussed

Situational Jeopardy Avoidance

Round Accountability

Concealed Carry Techniques

Current Case Law

Physiological Reaction to Critical Incidents

Cover and Concealment Usage

Required Equipment.

Pistol and rifle of reputable make and caliber (day 1)

Eye and ear protection (day 1)

200 rounds of pistol, 200 rounds rifle ammunition (day 1)

Clothing suitable for physical range activity (both days)

Food, water & note taking material (both days)

holster, rifle sling & at least 3 rifle & pistol magazines (day 1)

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