Active Shooter Rapid Response

This course allows the student to participate in a realm of violence that plaques our society, the active shooter. Firsthand knowledge and participation in this training allows the student to be exposed to the physiological maladies associated with interpersonal human aggression. The student may have the experiential symptoms of tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, sympathetic nervous system alterations and complex motor skill reduction during this training. This course’s goal is to have the student experience these dynamic changes in a controlled environment, so that they may be recognized and overcome in a real life situation. Stress inoculation through actually responding and engaging a person with a Simunition FX converted firearm is experienced in this class. Immediate feedback through return fire by a suspect using the same Simunition FX marking cartridges provides an unparalleled learning curve to the student. The overall goal of this class is to lessen the fear response of a student and transfer that experience into a real life setting if called upon. Current law, case law and situational jeopardy avoidance is covered in this block of training. All personal protective equipment, converted firearms and Simunition FX marking cartridges are supplied by Consolidated Training Group for this course.

One Day Course $225.00 Two Day Course $400.00

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