Jim Smith Handgun Course Civilian

Course Description: One day Tactical Pistol Course (8

hours) on Saturday, June 17th, 2017. The course will be instructed by Jim Smith of Spartan Tactical. The course will start at 8:00am at the Consolidated Training Group range located at 4454 Bethel Road, Weatherford, TX. Cost $250

Tactical Pistol Course: This one day course is designed to teach the shooter aggressive, efficient and safe operation of the Tactical Pistol. The training will highlight established principles and demonstrate various techniques of combat pistol marksmanship.

We will review the following subjects: safety, fundamentals of marksmanship, reloads, clearing stoppages, various shooting positions, pivots/turns etc.

We will also cover shooting on the move, target discrimination, proper use of cover, vehicle operations, combat mindset and two man tactics. Several challenging courses of fire will be shot under time and stress.

The shooting portion of the course will conclude at 4:00pm. All students will go to a nearby classroom where Jim will speak about leadership and debrief the Blackhawk Down incident that occurred during the Battle of Mogadishu. Jim will also give the presentation "Preparedness and the 21st Century Fight". BBQ dinner will be provided.

Jim's background as a tactical firearms instructor spans more than two decades. As well as a well respected member of the Special Operations Community, Jim has trained and served with the most elite units in the U.S. Military in various theaters around the world. As a part of his lengthy operational background, Jim has served as a Delta Force Operator, Special Forces Engineer, Special Forces Operator, Army Ranger, Sniper and an accomplished breacher with years of explosives experience.

A decorated combat veteran, Jim has been awarded the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart and numerous other military awards.

While rescuing crew members from his downed Blackhawk in Somalia, Jim was wounded by enemy fire and subsequently granted disabled veteran status. Jim was awarded the Carlos Hathcock award from the NDIA in 2013 for his work with sniper optics, his range complex and courses.

Equipment list: Semi automatic pistol 9mm or larger, minimum of 3 magazines, belt, holster and mag pouches, 400 rounds of handgun ammunition, eye and ear protection, small towel, cleaning kit and lube, notebook and pen.

Register online at www.ctgdfw.com under Jim Smith Handgun Course, contact Brian Harpole at 940-465-7833 if you have further questions.